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President Cummings addresses the Student Senate on Lockman: “You have a choice”

Julie Pike

Posted on February 13, 2017 in News
By USM Free Press

By: Julie Pike, Staff Writer

President Glenn Cummings was a guest speaker at the student senate meeting on Friday, Feb. 10. He spoke to the senators about the upcoming event at USM, a talk by Maine Rep. Lawrence Lockman titled Alien Invasion: Fixing the Immigrant Crisis.

Students at USM have pushed for the event to be cancelled in a Facebook post by the group Students of #USMfuture. Cummings decided not to cancel the event and stated that he doesn’t want the administration dictating what students can and can’t hear.

Cummings explained that Lockman has every right to speak at USM, as the First Amendment allows him to do so. He was invited to speak on campus by the student organization Young Americans for Freedom.

“Larry Lockman is a mosquito,” Cummings stated. “He’s just there to irritate us and see if we will act like he acts.”

In his conversation with the student senate, Cummings thanked the senators for handling the issue well.

“I want to recognize that you guys are classy people,” Cummings stated. “You guys understand why freedom of speech makes a difference and you stood by your decision to not shut this down.”

Cummings focused on the rights outlined in the First Amendment during his discussion with the student senate.

“Welcome to the greatest country on earth, you have the right to act exactly like Rep. Lockman,” Cummings said. “Along with that you also have the choice not to.”

Student Senator Aaron Pierce brought up concerns about having extra security at the event. On Feb. 1, a violent protest broke out at the University of California, Berkeley, where Milo Yannopoulos was scheduled to speak. Yannopoulos is a right-wing commentator who writes for Breitbart News. The protests caused $100,000 worth of damages.

Cummings stated that the university will be increasing the amount of police officers at the event as well as having other police on call. Cummings spoke to Portland Chief of Police Michael Sauschuck about having police close to the campus during the event.

Cummings made it clear at the meeting that if Lockman suggests violence or harassment in his talk, the event will be immediately shut down and he will be taken away. Cummings stated that it goes the other way too, however, and if people come into Lockman’s lecture and conduct themselves in such a way as to silence Lockman, they will face the same consequences.

“He is testing you, the students, that’s what this is about,” Cummings stated. “He knows he’s got an ignorant agenda. Nobody thinks he’s got any great wisdom to add to the world. He just wants to provoke you. He wants to provoke people to make himself look better.”

Members of the student senate had their own thoughts to add about the upcoming event and what the role of the student senate is during these situations.

“This is not what we agree with and this is not what we support, but by going to this event and possibly provoking violence, we’re not getting anything done,” stated Senator Shaman Kirkland. “If we were to have students not come to the event or to protest it, he would look like the person that he is, a person that doesn’t have power and a person that’s just trying to disrupt the university.”

Kirkland proposed the idea that Cummings should suggest that students not attend the event in a Monday Missives email. Cummings responseded that his job is to remain unbiased, but if there was an alternative event presented by a student organization, he stated that he would be happy to mention it.

“I’d love to wake up on Friday morning to the headline ‘Larry Came, No One Showed,’” Cummings said.

While Cummings’ expressed his stance on the matter, he ultimately left it up to the student senate to decide how they will move forward. He reiterated the fact that everyone has their right to freedom of speech.

“We don’t have the right to preach violence or the right to shut him down,” Cummings said. “He does get the chance to say his words and we cannot shut him down. However, you have the right to not participate.”

The overall agreement of the student senate was to not take a side. Student Senator Pierce stated that the student senate should remain supportive of every student.

“We are supposed to appear impartial no matter what and allow everybody the right to speak,” stated Senator Dylan Reynolds, who was inducted at the meeting as the Assistant to the Student Body Vice President.

Lockman’s talk will take place on Thursday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. in the Wishcamper Center. President Cummings and the student senate hope the event will be peaceful.

  • Jonathan Read

    It seemed you were arguing before that because USM is not a government office rights and restrictions shouldn’t apply to it. My point in the church and state analogy was that public schools do have those issues applied to them just like government offices.

    I wasn’t debating anything about curriculum. Also the church and state applies far beyond curriculum teacher can not express their own faith without facing sanctions.

    I personally don’t know the case histories to say whether a public university has the right to restrict speech on its property but in discussing whether it should; I don’t think even if it can it should. Speech isn’t harmful as much as we want to be “protected” from it today. Exposing hate and disgusting ideas does far more to eradicate them than pretending they don’t exist. This event caused more action and reaction by its opponents and more awareness than not having it would have.

  • Joel Gibbons

    But public K-12 schools are very different from “public” universities in that a K-12 school’s curriculum can be determined by state legislation. They receive an education whose content ought to be consistent with that obtained in other states. But a university, even a public one, gets to decide its own curriculum and its teaching methods. They ought to have every right to do this, even conservative universities. If they can decide what is taught, then why can’t they decide what events they have to host, securitize and pay for?

  • Jonathan Read

    No actually I don’t. I want to live in a society with people who are strong enough in their own beliefs to listen to and have open debate with those they oppose. I want to live in a society where no one gets suppressed.

    Liberals are very quick to say that all public schools (not government offices) must have separation of Church and State (NOT in the constitution or bill of rights), but now they don’t want Free Speech to apply? Can’t have it both ways.

  • Joel Gibbons

    Yes, even though you have to pay for it, it is nominally a public institution. But it is not a government office. To me, free speech should be a legal right and absolutely nothing else. Don’t you want to live in a society where public institutions can reject views they don’t agree with? If it makes you feel better, there are probably conservative universities in the south that would welcome a guest speaker like Lockman.

  • Jonathan Read

    Nothing, the KKK are deplorable but fully have the right to exist in the IS. I am astounded that this generation thinks they have the right to not be offended. Criminal acts are illegal, not unsavory beliefs.

  • Jonathan Read

    They do and they don’t, it’s a state funded school it represents everyone, even though with views you despise.

  • Evan McVeigh

    Did cummings just threaten the use of violence if students boo or talk over lockman?

  • Joe

    If this is only allowed under the justification of free speech, what regulations and limits are there to stop more hateful events, rallies, and talks to take place at the University? What is stopping, say, KKK recruitments taking place at USM? Where’s the line drawn? This simply does not make sense.

  • Amy B

    Why do we keep using words like “right-wing.’ Please call it like it is, he is a known white supremacist. Other than this, informative article, thanks.

  • Joel Gibbons

    The school also has the right to refuse him a platform for his worthless views, but whatever. My tuition money is going to this.

  • blackfist

    His frat boy-jock-bully son is just as deplorable. I used to live down the hall from him and heard him use the slur f** to describe LGBT tenants on multiple occasions. He’s also a cokehead and buys hookers.