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Annual Taste of Portland enters fourth year

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

Posted on November 12, 2016 in Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press
Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

By Colin Cundy


Last Thursday brought the fourth annual Taste of Portland event to USM’s Portland campus. The event invites a host of Portland’s eateries and food trucks to the curbside parking and green spaces outside Glickman Library and the Wishcamper Center. Taste of Portland serves as an initiation of sorts for incoming transfer students and freshmen, as well as returning students, to the culinary community of Portland.

Scattered along the banking curb of the parking lot adjacent to Glickman and Wishcamper were various food trucks, including The Marshmallow Cart, Love Kupcakes, Classic Sliders, Arabic Coffee, Leonardo’s Pizza and more. Food trucks provide a particular summertime feel that, with the onset of the semester, will only last a short while longer.  

A truck adorned with puzzle-like splotches of red, purple, brown and tan are revealed to be the jams, bread and peanut butter of PB & ME. They serve up buttery grilled cheese, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, alongside crisp hand-cut fries, and delicious fried cookies. You can find them outside the regular food truck community serving up their grub at local events, including concerts at Thompson’s Point.

Further down along the curb, Love Kupcakes offers a dazzling assortment of cupcakes. Speaking from personal experience, their cookie dough cupcake should not be missed. Allen Hines, the general manager, was pleased with the event and the reception their cupcakes received. Their truck can regularly be found along Waterman Drive in South Portland near Bull Moose, with a bakery opening soon on Fore Street.

Portland has long been a town with many a fine plate of food to serve up, and the food trucks that now serve along our streets has grown from that tradition. Ed Moore, coordinator of the Gorham Learning Commons, and Dan Welter, chief of staff for Campus Life, both were satisfied with the event they planned and how it brought the student body and the broader community together. Their hope for future Taste of Portland events is to continue to do so, with an eye on expanding the eateries on display around Glickman and Wishcamper.

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