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Saying farewell to a graduating class

Posted on May 04, 2016 in Community
By USM Free Press

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By Thomas Fitzgerald, Community Editor

Another semester of classes is drawing near a conclusion at USM, and for many students, it is just another routine end to a school year. With classes being selected and roommates being assigned, it seems like the monotonous rounds of trying to finish a degree are in place. However, for some students, this process has come to an end. These students are instead making sure they have their caps, gowns and graduation tickets ordered, and now face a future full of exciting uncertainty.

It is not easy to complete a bachelor’s degree, and no student will tell you that their path to completion was easy. But adversity can always be battled with perseverance.

“My best advice to a student who feels like they’re struggling is to breathe. I have a very hard time with managing stress, but I’ve learned through copious amounts of all-nighters and panic attacks that you will nevertheless come out alive! Never give up on yourself!” Molly Campbell, a graduating communication student, advised. “Talk to a fellow classmate or teacher or tutor.”

Reaching out to students and faculty has been echoed by many students who have advice to give to students in need, and Erica Brown, who is graduating with a master’s degree in social work, was quick to give the same advice.

“If I could give any advice to a new student or struggling student it would be to reach out to classmates, professors and other supports,” Brown said. “You can gain so much from being more involved with the college community, and there are so many ways to be involved.”

With difficult times also comes memorable times. College is typically a time in one’s life to reflect on being young, and having new opportunities and forming a stronger personal identity.

“Some of my most memorable moments at USM have been spent tutoring at the learning commons, and studying with other physics students in the science building,” Thomas Fitts, a graduate of the physics department, said. “ Both the physics and tutoring communities have been a big part of my experience at USM. Without the encouragement and camaraderie I found in both of those communities, I would not be where I am now.”

Dan Jandreau is a graduating technology management major, and his active role within the USM campus community was one of the biggest highlights for him.

“My most memorable moments here have been with the fraternity Phi Mu Delta. From hosting one of the largest welcome back dances, to volunteering in the community and cooking an absurd amount of grilled cheese.”

As for the future, the plans of some seem rather straightforward, but others are still on the lookout for where their future place of work will be.

“I am in the process of taking over Richardson Monument in South Portland, Maine,” Andrew Richards, who will have his bachelor’s in communication, said. “ I always looked at the bigger picture, and had goals throughout schooling. I had struggled in school early on, but now I will be a business owner at the age of 25.”

Other students like Erica Brown and Thomas Fitts do not have as much of a concrete plan as Richards, but their abilities to recognize what they would like to do, and where they would like to work give them the confidence they need for a successful future.

“I have no concrete post-graduation plan. I will be doing research with physics department over the summer and have aspirations of teaching physics in some capacity in the future,” Brown regarding the future said.

Fitts had a rather similar response when being asked about his future: “I have no concrete post graduation plan. I will be doing research with physics department over the summer and have aspirations of teaching physics in some capacity in the future.”

Whether you are a student who is doing well academically, or struggling to find your way, it is important to remain positive about the academic and social offerings that USM has. Students and faculty are always willing to lend a helping hand, and no student has the same path on the course to graduation.



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