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The Benefits of the Wellness Center

Sokkha Va

Posted on April 19, 2016 in Community
By USM Free Press

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

Thomas Fitzgerald, Community Editor

The aura around campus can seem stressful around this time of year. Finals are approaching, end of the semester projects may be looming and students may find themselves caught up with an overwhelming sense of stress. College is a journey that takes perseverance and confidence in order to achieve the ultimate goal of graduation, but students should never think that they are alone on this journey and there are a lot of fellow students and faculty members who are on call with support.

If participating in activities collectively with members of the USM community such as mediation, hula hoop making or even free breakfast every Wednesday of the semester, the wellness center is something you should look into. The center has a Portland location in the Woodbury campus center as well as a Gorham location at 151 Upton hall and students are heavily encouraged to stop by and see what might be offered during the week.

However, attendance can often be an issue with events that are happening on campus for a number of reasons. Some students

“It really has to do with how much we can advertise.” said Azia Gilbert, a representative for the wellness center majoring in women and gender studies. “As a work study student when i first started here, I went to a clothing drive. The first semester it wasn’t very well populated, but year after year there were more people attending.”

When Gilbert was asked what USM could do to improve the interest and awareness of these events, she did not hesitate to come up with a very strong idea.

“It would be great if we could table near the skywalk of the Portland parking garage, because that is where the highest amount of traffic is coming from. Students who are just entering campus would be able to see how much we have to offer.”

It is important that students are being well informed as to when events are taking place, as some events have not had a strong turnout despite its value to the student population. Although there are many ways to stay informed about what is happening on campus, such the events page at the USM webpage as well as postings on the bulletin boards of most buildings on campus.

If you like stress has gotten to be too much as the semester winds down, consider seeing what is being offered by the wellness center. Their events  are abundant on campus and the members of the organization are very accommodating to the needs of our student population.

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