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Posted on March 22, 2016 in Arts & Culture, Music
By USM Free Press


By Matthew Craig


On Friday, March 11 the rapper Logic played a sold out show at State Theatre. Opening for him was Dizzy Wright who, also a rapper, is a much different performer than Logic. Together the two put together a very energetic show, filling State Theatre with more concertgoers than I’ve seen in some time.

The opening of the concert made me optimistic about the coming show. I was surprised when Dizzy Wright and his band members took the stage. Having only been to a few rap concerts myself, including OFWGKTA and Macklemore (wasn’t crazy about his show), I didn’t expect that Dizzy’s performance would incorporate live instruments. I wouldn’t call Dizzy a lyrical genius, but I also don’t think his objective was to blow away fans with clever lines. At times, I would have called his beats boring, and likened them to some of the played out rap music that’s on the radio, but the fills and syncopations from his drummer kept it fresh and exciting. Dizzy also does a good job of engaging the crowd, keeping concertgoers involved with the music.

After Dizzy Wright departed, Logic’s DJ did his best to satiate the crowd before the headliner came on. He played one track featuring an Outkast sample that I found to be quite fresh. This provided me with a good, (relatively) quiet moment to find out a little about Logic’s fanbase and how they feel about him. Based on my sample, I would estimate that the median age of Logic’s followers is around 18 years old. I met fans who were 21, 18, 19, and some who were in their mid-late 20’s and early 30’s; however, Logic’s most enthusiastic fans seemed overwhelmingly to be 18 and under. Regardless of age, gender, or any other factor, there were some feelings about Logic that were ubiquitous among fans. In short, the people I spoke with felt that Logic cares about his fans, spreads a positive message in his music and provides content with more depth than a lot of popular rap artists. One fan, named “ Devin” exclaimed that Logic is “lyrically off the charts” when I inquired as to his reasons for following the rapper. Others described him as “old school.”

Logic’s performance itself was focused around his fans. He played his most popular songs and got to know the crowd, while providing some interesting visuals in the foreground. Much of the supporting visuals were images from pop culture. A couple of clip include scenes from the film Akira and the series Cowboy Bebop. His performance was visually stimulating, with some cinematic qualities. As for the crowd interaction, he took time at the beginning of his set to talk to some members of the crowd, finding out their names and ages. After speaking with quite a few, Logic talked to 13 year old boy named “Son.” After finding that he was familiar with one of his songs, Son was invited up onstage to perform the song with Logic.

It’s safe to say that Logic is a highly competent lyricist. His instrumental tracks are also varied and interesting. Logic’s production is tight. There were no awkward hiccups in the performance, and the sound was well balanced and suited to the venue. Overall, it was a good time, and Dizzy Wright was an excellent opener for Logic. If you’re looking for a high-energy rap concert and part of the younger crowd (under 21), I doubt you’ll find a Logic concert to be disappointing.


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