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Students of USM: Sam Anderson, Student Athlete

Posted on March 07, 2016 in Community
By USM Free Press

Meaghan Gonsior

By Meaghan Gonsior

USM student Sam Anderson moved to Maine from Bristol, Connecticut in order to pursue soccer and because it’s so “peaceful.” He had visited the state previously, and wanted to see more of it. Anderson has always been an athlete. He has played soccer since he was a child and through his high school years in Connecticut where he earned Varsity letters all four years.

This last Fall was his first season playing for the Huskies Men’s Soccer team. He played in 17 games, and started in 11. As a midfielder he scored the game-winning goal against Westfield State early in the season. Anderson also enjoys playing left or right wing, and seeks to challenge himself both on and off the field. His dream has always been to play professional soccer, and he hopes to make that dream a reality after graduating from USM.

As a Linguistics Major, Anderson thrives off of the opportunity to make connections with other people, wanting to be able to “connect with the world around me even if they don’t understand me at first.” One requirement for majoring in Linguistics is to study a foreign language. Anderson chose American Sign Language, and explained, “I thought it was different. I don’t know a lot of people who know sign language.”

He was surprised to find out in one class that sign language varies from country to country, with substantial differences in sign language even between English speaking countries. Ultimately he sees his major as a means to help him to “communicate with others. It makes me versatile.”

One piece of advice that motivates Anderson is to embrace failure as one part of life. “Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to lose. If I’m scared to hit [the ball] with my left foot [because it’s weaker], don’t be afraid to take the shot, even if people give you a hard time… but you can’t be scared.” Anderson gathers inspiration from his friends and family back in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

As for hobbies, like many young men, Anderson has been into action heros since he was a kid and likes comic books. He wants to start collecting action figures. His favorite character is Night Crawler, “just because he’s cool.”

After his soccer season ended, Anderson decided to give Indoor Track a shot for the first time. So far this season, he’s done well running Sprint events—the 400 and 200 meter races—and he helped the Huskies win the 4×400 meter relay in the State of Maine Championships, running the third leg. He has also been made Member of the Little East Conference Relay of the Week multiple times this winter.

Anderson acknowledged that playing on a sports team isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there’s friction between teammates, and egos get in the way. Ideally though, he sees a team as a useful mechanism for success when “we push each other, and have safe competition. Your greatest competitor is the person who pushes you the most.” He also notes that “you have to let your ego go,” and “work hard for yourself and for each other.” Plus, it helps when a team just has good chemistry.


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