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Posted on March 07, 2016 in Perspectives
By Krysteana Scribner

We’re afraid for our country – and especially afraid of the possibility of having current candidates represent our country in a way we believe would be fatal to the majority opinion. Why can’t the citizens of the United States see past the lies of the republican party and the obvious lies of Hillary Clinton? Do we want a country run on the basis of excessive economical achievement?


Bernie Sanders is a candidate for the people, and when you put aside our country’s disgusting reliance on big-name business’ for votes, Sanders becomes the obvious choice. He believes in a country where corporate regulation is necessary, and education should be available to everyone (meaning free universal pre-school and free tuition at public colleges and Universities).


Not only that, but Sanders is the only candidate that openly acknowledges that institutionalized racism is the route of millions of economic and social problems for minority communities, and vows to change that. Sanders will help take a part our huge, money-making prisons that incarcerate one in four black men in the United States. While Clinton has racist statements, bigoted views on gay marriage, and questionable opinions in her past, Sanders has the loudest and most consistent voice vouching for women, people of color and queer people.


When Sander’s came to Portland last week, it was clear that The Free Press’ support of Sanders wasn’t unusual. Lines of folks wrapped around from The State Theater to Monument Square. Sander’s spoke passionately and unpretentiously to a group of all ages. His words got straight to the point, unlike the middle-of-the-road, vague babble you hear from most politicians.

For us, Bernie Sanders seems like the obvious choice to be our next president, not only because we agree with a majority of his policies, but because he has been defending those policies since the 1970s and has been one of the most consistent politicians. Sure, it would be nice to have free college tuition, but our support for Sanders goes deeper than that, he is the only candidate in the running that is genuinely a good human being and is putting the needs of million Americans before the needs of large corporations and big banks.

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