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Posted on March 07, 2016 in Perspectives
By USM Free Press

Want the Perfect Class Schedule for Fall 2016?
by: Pam Edwards, Academic Advisor

Priority Registration Advising – How Does it Help?
USM prioritizes registration for degree students based on the total number of credits accrued (not including enrolled classes). Meeting with your advisor ensures you progress toward graduation efficiently, meet degree requirements, obtain your PIN (Personal Identification Number) required to enroll via MaineStreet, and have more choices before courses are filled.

Be Self-Guided, Prepare for your Priority Registration Appointment

  1. Review requirements for major/minor/Core and your Degree Progress Report (DPR).  
  2. Use the catalog Requirement Term listed in your DPR. Catalog archives online:
  3. Check prerequisites, minimum grade, and GPA requirements for courses you need/want to take.
  4. Create your Wish List on your MaineStreet Student Center. There are no limits on wishes. How create a Wish List instructions:
  5. Create and update your Graduation Planner and/or Major Requirement Form at: Use the Blank Grad Planner to create your personal plan. Some classes are not offered every semester. Share planners with your advisors.


Schedule an appointment time with your advisor NOW so you are able to select a good time for you to meet after the Course Schedule becomes available and BEFORE your enrollment priority date (under Enrollment on the right side of your MaineStreet account) and BEFORE the end of the spring semester. Register on or after that date. Don’t miss a class to see your advisor; it defeats the purpose!  Plan ahead and make your appointment now.


Who Are Your Advisors and Who Will Give You Your PIN?

USM has a Dual Advising Model. All students are assigned a Faculty Academic Advisor in their declared major and a Professional Academic Advisor from Advising. Advisor’s names are posted on your MaineStreet Student Center on the right side under Advisor. If you do not see an advisor name posted contact your major department to request one. For details on this new model and a full list of responsibilities for you and your advisors see:

The advisor responsible for Priority Registration Advising and giving you your PIN is determined by the number of credits you have completed now.  

  1. Faculty Advisors are the primary advisor for students in their declared major who have accrued 54 credits through to graduation.  
  2. Professional Academic Advisors are considered the primary advisor for students who are undeclared, in the GO program, and in a major until they accrue 53 credits.


Important Reminders

  1. Priority Registration will center on course selection.  
  2. Take care of Past Due Accounts, Library Holds, or Immunization Holds. They prevent you from registering!
  3. Not sure you are returning for fall 2016?  Meet with your advisor, and then register. Drop classes in August if you decide you cannot attend.
  4. You can meet with your advisor and receive your PIN even if you have a hold, then register when the hold is resolved.

Wishing you Happy Advising! Pam Edwards, for the Advising team,



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