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Triple 9 Review

Posted on February 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
By USM Free Press


By John Rocker

The year 2016 has gotten off to an interesting start when it comes to movies. Normally, the beginning of the year is this drought of poorly made films that  are simply fillers for the big blockbusters in the coming months. So far, with Academy Award nominated films and actual good films coming out, I was wondering if I would ever run into anything bad. Unfortunately, Triple 9 was this kind of film.

The story revolves around different characters, but they are all connected in some way. The first storyline involves a man named Michael Atwood (Chiwetel Ejiofor) leading a crew of crooks and corrupt cops to pull off heists for the Russian mob. The movie opens up with this crew performing a successful heist, but the mob asks the crew to pull off one more heist. The location for said heist is a heavily guarded building, and the only way to succeed is to draw away all police units. So what if an officer was shot? This is where one of crew members, Marcus Belmont (Anthony Mackie), decides to use his new partner, Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), as the victim. The movie then becomes a build up for this heist. It’s a shame the build up wasn’t that interesting. There were some twists and turns once the heist gets going, but overall the story just felt clunky.

This review is certainly coming off as if this film is just absolute garbage. There are a few, but not many, positives. The first is that the opening action sequence that involves the crew pulling off their first heist was a lot of fun to watch, and it was a great way to start off the film. The other action sequences were well done, but it’s the opener that sets the bar. The performances were also good. They served their purpose for the film, but that’s pretty much it. Chiwetel Ejiofor was the standout, but that’s because his character had the most material to work with.

Let’s continue with why this film didn’t work. There were a lot of plot holes. Most of them have to do with why characters are in the position they are in. It’s just never explained. This film expects viewers to just accept the situation and move on, but there is always a reason. That is something that cannot be ignored. These plot holes could have at least been explained better. The problem is that with such a large cast,time has to be used to develop these characters in some way, but not everybody gets adequate time, and even then the material being presented isn’t that interesting. The pacing is also a bit wonky. The run time for this film is under two hours, but it certainly felt longer. Some scenes felt too short and some felt too long, and sometimes the scene’s purpose wasn’t entirely clear. There’s a part in the film when Woody Harrelson’s character is driving to  a crime scene. He comes off as worried, but the viewer has already seen what happened, so the tension is just gone. Instead, we get to watch Woody drive like a maniac for what felt like ten minutes.  Even the editing was a bit jumpy. It came off as trying to cover mistakes that were made during production.

Overall, Triple 9 had a lot of potential. If you were to take a look at the trailer, you may believe that this could be a good crime drama film. While it does have a few good moments, they don’t make up for the other disappointing aspects. Stay away from this film unless you really want to see it. Recommendation: Watch If It’s On Cable.


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