Friday, October 19th, 2018

Thin Blood

Posted on February 08, 2016 in Perspectives
By USM Free Press

Sorry that I was hitting the books while you were getting bottles

I have my nerdy sci-fi games and you have your perfect models

These hand me downs do just fine as you’re being fitted for the new

Wallflower I stand as they crowd, respect, and questionably admire you

Smiled and waved in the hall, but I tell myself you just didn’t see me

On my birthday I waited and waited, but figured you had somewhere to be

Maybe one day I can share with you the interests and loves in my life

Instead your high school pal was best man when you married your wife

Not sure if I did something that made you hate me from the beginning

My desire to even form this effortless relationship is surely thinning

I hate how we can be so close yet know nothing about one another

Though the years passed I never said anything that would be a bother

You occupied the room next to mine but the bed was always made and empty

Avoiding me and all of my strangeness is what it was; clear to see

It saddens me that you’d rather go barefoot and suffer than wear my shoes

Time remains to walk in my soles to understand and love me, but its something you must



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