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Letter From The Editor

Posted on February 08, 2016 in Letter From The Editor, Perspectives
By USM Free Press

Each day this week, I’ve found myself scrambling to finish tasks, multi-tasking on homework and cleaning the house, eating a sandwich while I drive in hopes that I make it to class on time. Some have called me an organized mess, which I won’t disagree with.

Being a student is hard. When you’re juggling a job, a full-time course load, perhaps another job and trying to have a social life (personally, I’ve forgotten what those words even mean), Google Calendar can seem like depressing organization of your time – but I promise it works.

I pitch Google Calendar because I believe that, as a lifetime procrastinator myself, it has been the only thing to keep me on the right track: not even my advisor had this much power over me. There’s no shame is organizing your life through technology (it’s such a 21st century thing anyway).

I’ve struggled in school before, to the point where I wasn’t even sure I’d return. I had assumed as a freshman that getting a degree was what I had to do, because it’s what my parents wanted for me – but now that I’m older, and arguably more respectable, I feel an education is what I need to pursue my dreams (and as most of us would agree, what is necessary to survive in this cold forsaken world of consumerism culture).

My point is this: Don’t let unorganization be the death of you. I used to keep notes in a thick, green notebook and lose track of what comments meant… one page would have notes about homework due next week, but I would have no idea for what class. How foolish of me,

The great thing about Google Calendar, and generally, organization, is that it costs nothing to you to use it. Skip out on buying that fancy planner from the bookstore that costs way more than it’s worth and just start up your calendar via your preferred email. You can access it on your phone, a tablet, and just about anywhere. When life gives you way too many responsibilities, let Google Calendar just take care of it. You won’t regret it.

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