Poetry Corner: Last Goodbye


By Dustin Kelly


Getting an injection of pure pain and misery

It fries my heart and breaks my brain, this thing is a mystery

You lied to me, said you’d be a friend to me

But you brought out the worst in me, all I could feel or see was the apathy

I should have never let you take me by the hand,

you raped me, played me and then betrayed me

Made my family and friends seem like enemies

when really they wanted  the best for me

Corrupted, disrupted, my destination was hospitalization

Even with contemplation I had no realization of the situation

You overpowered my being and took away my morals so precious

On the floor unconscious, never thought this could be so infectious

Unwanted tears pour from my loved ones faces

Even after a change in all the people the things and the places

Time passed and the numbness went away and feelings rushed back

Time to turn my life around and pick up your undesired slack

I mean it this time when I say this is our last goodbye

Chin to the sky with a smile wide, you won’t see a single tear in these eyes

And for you a tissue – I don’t miss you, I dismiss you




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