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Letter to the Editor: The Portland Phoenix

Posted on October 06, 2015 in Letter to the Editor, Perspectives
By USM Free Press

To the editor:

Thank you for reading — and for taking the time to respond to – – my column in the Phoenix about the prospect of deaccessioning the Gorham Campus. You bring up a good implicit point that the Portland Campus leaves much to be desired in the way of “college feel” and fostering school spirit. Although I might quibble over a few points such as proximity to sports facilities (the Portland sports district is close enough to the Portland campus to hear a crowd roar), I think the issue really comes down to a matter of identity and ultimately of purpose. Does the University want to compete with Farmington, Orono, and other bucolic campus colleges; or will it choose a University without walls approach (like NYU) where the academy makes a mark on its district and engages in dialogue with the city as whole.


Zack Barowitz, Portland

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