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A&C Recommends: Free screening of To Light a Candle

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Arts & Culture, Recommends
By USM Free Press

By Rahma Ali

This Saturday, USM staff and students gain free entry to the screening at USM Talbot Lecture Hall in Luther Bonney. The audience will get an inside-look at the lives of five former prisoners from Iran, who gave interviews about what life was like for them and their families living under the constant threat from the Iranian country. The film explores the discrimination against the Baha’i people and the inability to pursue higher education.

To Light a Candle is directed by Iranian Canadian director Maziar Bahari, journalist, human rights activist and New York Times Bestseller for his book Then They Came for Me.

The Baha’i people are a religious minority in Iran. They are forbidden from attending or teaching at universities in Iran after the Islamic revolution. Since the Baha’i people were not allowed to seek education at the universities in Iran, they established the underground Baha’i Higher Institute of Education (BIHE) in 1987. This network of schools that are housed in private residences serves as a way for the students to become educated outside of the Iranian schools, but has come under fire in recent years, including arrests of some administrators. Through compelling interviews, personal stories, and secret footage from undercover journalists the film not only highlights the Baha’i community and exposes the brutality of Iran’s extreme religious leaders but it also shows how education can play a vital role in supporting communities.

“I am definitely going to go see this,” says freshman Undeclared major Marissa Breton.

So make your Saturday night important and tackle world issues at USM Talbot Lecture Hall in Luther Bonney on October 3rd. The film starts at 7:00 p.m.

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