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The other “Portland” pokes fun at the small city and the people that call it home

Posted on September 21, 2015 in Arts & Culture, Movie Reviews
By Krysteana Scribner

Reigning in from Portland Oregon, the unique TV series Portlandia pokes fun at the small city and the strange people that call it their home. Although this show has been around since 2011, season 5 is now available on Netflix.

In many ways, Portlandia reflects what the lifestyles of people living in Portland, ME may be like. From vegan living to women’s rights, this series revolves around actors such as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein playing roles as different people in the city. In each segment of the show, comedy sketches portray the lifestyle of particular people living in the area – and each new segment has an intertwined plot.

One small segment among many are the characters of Toni and Candace, two owners of a non-profit feminist bookstore “Women & Women First.” With Armisen dressed as a woman and Brownstein looking like your typical librarian snob, this hilarious sketch gives you an insightful look to who these women are and how they handle daily situations.

In Season 5, episode 1, viewers learn the story of Toni and Candace during an interview by a local journalist who’s looking to write a blurb about their bookstore. They go on and on with their life stories, and the way they met reveals hilarious details about the characters life perspectives and goals.

In another sketch featured on the show tells the story of Lance and Nina. With the male lead played by Brownstein and his female counterpart played by Armisen, these unique gender role switch-ups show how a stereotypical couple living in Portland, OR maintain their relationship.

Another couple, Dave and Kath (also played by Armisen and Brownstein) are a dramatic couple that have a steady, determined mindset once they decide to do something together. In season two, episode eight, Dave and Kath decide to go hiking; however, they realize along the way they don’t have the proper gear and hilariously march into the forests anyway. Dave and Kath are a bit intense with their rational, but their characters make for an interesting twist in Portlandia.

With so many different aspects to this television series, it’s hard to know if you’ll be into it until you watch an episode or two. Don’t get confused by the recycling of actors within characters, because each time it happens, it’s never the same – and it always gets better. This show is definitely worth a watch for people who like ridiculous satirical comedy and enjoy improve as well. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch at the end of a long day, because who doesn’t love a good comedy TV series to cheer you up.

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