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TV Series Review: Mr. Robot

Posted on September 14, 2015 in Arts & Culture, Movie Reviews
By Krysteana Scribner

USA’s television series Mr. Robot  has received a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, leaving viewers lacking negative feedback for a psychologically mind-bending series that uses clever plot pacing and secret layers of the main character that are sure to leave the viewer impressed.

The plot of this series is simple: a computer programmer who worked for a cyber-security firm ends up being recruited by a sketchy underground organization that spends all it’s waking hours dedicated to the destruction of corporate America and greed.

The main character, Elliot, is played by Rami Malek, who you may remember from Night at the Museum or Need For Speed. Malek’s acting performance was so well done, I had a hard time trying to figure out what Malek may act like in the real world.

Intelligently shy, Elliot deals with problems that most others face at least once in their lifetime – drug abuse, mental health issues, loss. This television series doesn’t have many humorous moments, but you do feel the awkward tension of what it must be like to be Elliot, the philosophical and mentally unstable drug addict who can solve problems faster than the Evil Corp Hacking Company portrayed in the series.

This isn’t a series that you can just play in the background while you do homework for an online class: this show deserves all of your attention. Elliots character is relatable and likeable simply because he is a scattered human being dealing with realistic life problems while facing a hacking industry that wants to change the world. He’s a modern superhero, if you will. He hides behind computer monitors and keeps his thoughts enclosed within emotional internal monologues that only you, as the viewer, have the ability to hear.

Clever plot pacing allows this USA television series to take a difficult subject of interest and make it relatable and easy-to-follow. Not only does it have great acting and plot, but it was also very visually striking.

Elliot becomes an important character for the viewer but is often filmed amongst crowds, looking average to the passerbys but known to be secretly smart to the viewers. This is worth a watch for anyone that likes complex, mind-bending psychological thrillers that provide you with a desire to create more change in a world where society has the most say..


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