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Top Five places to satisfy the munchies

Posted on April 20, 2015 in Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

Otto Pizza on Congress Street

The “munchies” is a feeling that often provokes a craving for greasy, warm foods.  What better choice to satisfy that craving than a hot slice of pizza? Otto’s on Congress Street is constantly serving up not only your favorite traditional recipes but also unique variations that are fun to try when you’re high. Try a pie topped with pulled pork and mango. This place is a great spot to take your friends to satisfy your late-night cravings. It’s open until 11 p.m., and with friendly and attentive service as well as interesting flavor combinations, you can never go wrong with Otto’s.

Crown Fried Chicken on Forest Avenue

When we think of go-to food for the munchies, salty foods are usually the first to come to mind. Crown Fried Chicken is open 7 days a week and offers not only delicious selections of chicken, but also pizza, sandwiches, seafood, and much more. Specials are offered daily and the low prices are great for students on a tight budget. If the munchies have you needing salty foods, this restaurant is perfect for you.

Holy Donut on Park Avenue

Living a couple blocks down from the Holy Donut is a blessing and a curse for me. Their donuts repeatedly gain national attention for their potato dough, unique flavors and all natural ingredients. But don’t be fooled, these donuts are a decadent and delicious. Dark chocolate sea salt or lemon flavored donuts are natural fits to your wake-n-bake routine. Biting into a bacon cheddar donut, stoned to the gills, is an incredible morning munchie experience. The dough is warm and slightly sweet, while inside hides gooey, bacon filled delightfulness.

Elevation Burger on Commercial Street

For late-night munchies that require greasy food, Elevation Burger on Commercial Street in Portland is the place to be. This is a build-your-own-burger joint, where hungry highlife can meander in and choose to build classic burgers. You can top this burger with anything your heart desires – and if you want the ultimate experience of a tastebud flavor explosion, having the triple decker vertigo burger stacked with bacon and extra mayonnaise is going to be the best choice you will make all day.

Kushiya Benkay on Congress Street

It’s past midnight and you’re high, broke and hungry. Whether you know it or not, Kushiya Benkay is calling your name.  Benkay is a Japanese sushi restaurant and pub nestled conveniently on Congress Street. Thursday through Friday it stays open faithfully until 2 a.m. After midnight on the weekends,  Benkay spices it up colorful lights, entertaining any stoned customer for hours on end.  One can order $3.00 meat skewers and $2.00 plates of sushi. The chicken and shrimp skewers are classically delicious, and the more adventurous stoner can try octopus or beef tongue. Benkay will

not only cure your munchies, but it will do so with a disco ball and a Shakira mix. What could be better?

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