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Harvard graduate discusses religion and spirituality in seminar for student groups

Sam Hill | The Free Press

Posted on March 23, 2015 in Community
By dsanok

Last Thursday in Bailey hall, the Christian group Alpha Omega held a presentation on the Bible and its accuracy, entitled The Word of God.

Alpha Omega is a non-dominion Christian organization, meaning they are not part of any Christian branch such as Catholicism, Lutheran or Mormon. Their goal as an organization is to make Christianity a more united religion by reaching out to students at colleges and giving presentations on what they consider proof that the Bible is the word of God.

Speaking on behalf of Alpha Omega was guest speaker Anselm Beach, a graduate from Harvard University. Beach began his presentation by speaking about why he became a Christian six years ago and how it gave him a spiritual connection with his God. For the rest of his presentation, Beach clicked through a slide show on what he considered to be proof that the narrative accounts in the Bible are historical fact, despite being shrouded in conspiracy and mythology. Beach’s argued that the Bible is accurate because it’s had such an enormous impact on so many civilizations throughout history. “For 2000 years, the Bible has helped to give ancient, medieval and modern civilizations a guideline on morality,” Beach said. “Although the Bible has been translated into many different languages, the biblical messages carry the same meaning. To me, this proves the Bible is the word of God. His word can connect to any person no matter their language or culture.”

Students in attendance had varying but positive reactions to Beach’s presentation. Noah Turcotte an Episcopal Christian agreed with Beach’s viewpoints. “I came tonight just for fun,” Turchotte said. “Even though I will not convert to non-dominion Christianity, I agree with all of Beach’s points and admire his passion and devotion to the Bible.”

One non-Christian student in attendance, was second year Avery Filmore, who wanted to observe the differences and similarities with her own Buddhist faith. Filmore described her motivations for going as satisfying curiosity. “I find it interesting to see another point of God from a different religion,” Filmore said. “I like studying all religions and learning about their cultures. As a Buddhist, I sometimes like to examine my own faith by comparing it to others.”

When asked whether the presentation changed her mind or shook her faith at all, Filmore replied that it did not convert her.

“I’ll be a Buddhist for the rest of my life,” Filmore said. “I also don’t take the Bible literally because I believe there are multiple interpretations, and not one of them is the absolute word of God.”

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