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Online holiday gift guide: 10 items for under $10.00


Posted on December 09, 2014 in Arts & Culture
By Krysteana Scribner

1.) Barbosal Stash Storage Can:

$10.00 at

Looking for a way to hide your personal belongings from roommates? This storage can disguised as a shaving cream can will allow for you to hide items in the most obvious spots without giving it away.


2.) Fun Coffee Mugs:

$9.99 at

Looking for a mug to reflect an important person in your life? Spencers has such a wide variety to fit each of your loved ones individual personalities. One mug is shaped as a toilet bowl, the other as a prescription bottle and another one covered with Ninja Turtles. Take a look at all their options to see which one would best fit your friends holiday gift list.


3.) Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags:

$9.99 at

Have you ever craved a toasted sandwich but not had the stove to cook it on? Now you can use an item called the toaster bag. You simply put your sandwich in the bag, place it in a toaster, and it comes out toasted to perfect and makes for a hassle free grilled cheese experience.


4.) Man Candles:

$9.99 at

Who says candles can’t be a great Christmas gift for guys? These candles hold what considers to be ‘masculine smells’ such as beer, bacon and golf. For a fun and quirky gift, these candles would make a cute stocking stuffer for a boyfriend or younger brother.


5.) Unfortunate Fortune Cookies:

$8.99 at

Let’s face it: Fortune cookies we get in chinese food have boring prophecies such as ‘your future is bright’ and ‘you will find love tomorrow.’ Unfortunate fortune cookies come with fortunes that are anything but pleasant. These fun little cookies can be replaced with the original ones when you get with Chinese food. Surprise your friends and family with fortunes like ‘you just ate cat.’ It will have everyone laughing out loud and curious to read more.


6.) Cool Touch Microwave Bowl:

$9.99 at

College kids like to eat ramen, soup and other microwavable items because they are easy, cheap and delicious. However, the worst part is always pulling the hot bowl out of the microwave after it has been cooking for a while. This cool to the touch microwave bowl allows you to cook your food as long as you want while still having the outside of the bowl be comfortable to grasp.


7.) Waboba Ball:

$8.99 at

Although this awesome gift can’t be used until the summer, the Waboba ball can be bounced on water like a skipping stone, often bouncing as high as five feet into the air! The ball is lightweight, brightly colored and floats on water so you never have to worry about losing it in the ocean.


8.) Smallest Mini Camera Camcorder Hidden Web Cam: $7.99 at

The smallest mini camcorder can be used to capture anything. Being no bigger than your fingertip, this mini camera is 2.0 megapixels of pure cuteness. For whatever reason you decide to use it, this camera makes for a perfect gift for a best friend or sibling.


9.) Aquanotes Waterproof Notepad:

$7.99 at

Some of the best ideas come to us in the shower, when we are at a loss and usually forget them once we’re done. With a waterproof note pad, you’ll never have to let your ideas go down the drain again.


10.) Novelty bandages:

$3.99 at

For the inner child in us all, the novelty bandages from this website have fun sayings and pictures on them that is sure to make any cut or scrape a little less painful. Bacon bandages, pickle bandages, Shakespearean insult bandages and so many other kinds of bandages are up for grabs during this gift giving season.

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