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Local shopping supports local families

Posted on December 09, 2014 in Arts & Culture
By Krysteana Scribner

Local shopping around the holidays can be a fun way to buy unique gifts for the people in your life. With big name franchises seemingly taking the stage, Portland residents believe that shopping local is more important than ever this time of year.

Ranked by the business review website yelp as the top city in the United States for local shopping during the holidays, Portland shops have a lot to offer to residents and tourists alike. Portland beat out other larger cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Seattle and even Portland, Oregon.

Anne Corvett, a volunteer at The Art Mart on Congress St. and a Portland Local believes that it’s important to remember that supporting local shops supports the Maine economy and the money spent locally doesn’t leave the state of Maine.

“Local shopping also supports local families.The service at local business is much better than bigger stores too, because we really care about our products and the people that shop here,” said Corvett.

Corvett also explained that although people shop at larger stores like Target or Walmart, they can always shop locally for a variety of interesting items that Portland has to offer.

“Smaller stores don’t always have as large an inventory as large companies do. However, people will shop locally because they are looking not for the what everyone else has, but for unique items such as homemade jams or knit sweaters,” said Corvett.

Sophomore computer science major Jeffrey Beaudoin believes that shopping local means investing in a local economy. He further explained that Portland has a lot of diversity which may have been a contributor to the review Portland was given on yelp.

“There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are trying new things. There are also a lot of new shops that have something for everyone. Shopping locally is a great way to find something unique for everyone this time of year,” said Beaudoin.

Michael Furey, the owner of Irelands Crystals and Crafts on Congress St., has been a local business owner for over 35 years. He says that a lot of customers have told him local shopping is more convenient than shopping at the mall, because they don’t have to wait in long times and local shops have wonderful customer service.

“I think Portland is an excellent place to shop. It’s not too crowded and each local store has a nice selection of goods,” said Furey.

When asked what the most important thing people should know about local shopping during the holidays, Furey explained that money that is spent here, stays here.

“Most of that money goes out of town when you shop at larger stores. However, shopping locally causes the money to stay in the Portland area. The money they spend here stays locally,” said Furey.

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