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Album Review: Sonic Highways

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

By Kyle Cumiskey

David Grohl has been the mastermind behind the Foo Fighters since 1990, and with every release he has adapted to the current state of the music industry. Sonic Highways is another example of his excellent musicianship. The Foo Fighters have brought another critically acclaimed album to their listeners that reproduces the classic sounds America calls rock n’ roll.

The album begins with bouncy guitar leads, from the song titled “Something From Nothing.” Grohl softly proceeds to sing lyrics that tell the story of personal development: “Give me the flammable life / I’m cold as a match / ready to strike / so here I go.” These lines foretell the message for the rest of the song, which emphasizes that the Foo Fighters have become popular. Throughout this piece, Grohl is “on [his] way” to be “something / from nothing,” which is quite self-explanatory, like the title.

“The Feast and the Famine” retains snappy drums for the first minute of the track, which keep this hit recurring in your mind. In contrast the intro, the rest of the track is thick, with upbeat guitar riffs taking precedence over the drums. In this song, Grohl explains that we need a leader to have change: “We need a monument / and change will come / yeah change will come / Is there anybody there?”

“Outside” is another song which is distinctive to the Foo Fighters’ style. The guitar riff during the chorus takes ahold of the brain while the lyrics simultaneously drive the track forward. Grohl isn’t very specific in this track. A close reading of the lyrics doesn’t leave you with any solid conclusions. Grohl’s lyrics are vague with detail but seem to explain that Grohl feels he is equally bad for someone close to him as they are to him. Either way, this line stuck out the most to me: “You be my passerby / I’ll be your one to pass through … taking you as low as you go.”

This album is worth checking out for former fans and new alike. It has special appearances from bands such as The Zac Brown Band, The Wallflowers, Bad Brains and many others. An interesting dynamic, one definitely worth adding to your daily dose of music.

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