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Album Review: Lazaretto

Posted on November 10, 2014 in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

Jack White

By Kyle Cumiskey

Yet another critically acclaimed album by the musician Jack White has just been released. This new album, titled Lazaretto embodies a unique garage sound. White explains that many of the songs on his new album were written in his younger years, therefore depicting teenage issues.

The song “Lazaretto” produces a hip hop vibe. The unusual use of guitars in his songs creates a back beat where White can speak. His lyrics are full of passion and one can’t help but admire the consistency of emotion depicted throughout the album. The female antagonist is this song is always angering White, which gives the recordings a natural feeling of high energy, where he writes, “She never helps me out with my scams for free / though she grabs a stick and then she points it at me / when i say nothing, I say everything.”

“High Ball Stepper,” takes on the classic White sound as well. A master of instruments, there are no lyrics in this one,  just the pure noise that echoes through White’s mind when he puts together a chord progression. Low and high end octave guitar tones become mixed, and raspy quick riffs captivate the mind as well.

The last track on the album titled, “Want and Able,” weighs entitlement and societal issues through personifying the two contrasting human feelings and explaining what happens when they strike up a conversation. He writes, “Well, Want and Able were crossing the road / Want had a feeling there was something he was owed / but Able broke it to him that there’s a social code.” Rather than crossing the road, they “Walk straight down the middle, and do what they’re told.”

If you’re looking for an album that depicts real and raw human emotion combined with excellent instruments, then this album is definitely worth a listen.

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