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Top 5 staff picks: local fall snack favorites

Posted on November 04, 2014 in Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

1.) Fall flavors at the Holy Donut

Waking up in the morning before going to work is a job in itself, so one of my favorite things to do is drive over to Holy Donut in Portland and get a small coffee with extra cream and sugar to dip my pumpkin donut in. I love that they use real Maine potatoes in all of their donuts because it adds a unique flavor to my already favorite breakfast food. Sometimes I get a Maine blueberry filled donut to satisfy super sugar cravings. I can never get enough of their coffee flavors either! This time of year, my favorite is pumpkin spice coffee but I also like the Jamaican Me Crazy flavor to give me a sweet taste of summer in the chilly fall afternoons.- Krysteana Scribner

2.) Cider at the Farmers Market

I love drinking cider come the fall season. It is the best non-alcoholic drink ever. I get the unpasteurized cider that has a ton more flavor than anything I could ever find in a grocery store. I typically buy it at the farmers markets we have around Portland. I like to set the cider by my heater, wait a couple weeks and make alcohol. Sometimes I even add whiskey now for the best drink West of Ireland. There are so many different things you can do to enjoy your cider, the list goes on and on. Some stores also sell cider pastries which can add a unique twist to your flavorful combination. – Brian Gordon

3.) Red beans and rice at Bayou Kitchen

When it starts to get chilly outside in the fall, I like to go to Bayou Kitchen and get a spicy, hearty bowl of red beans and rice. It warms me up from the inside out, and the warm southern atmosphere and hospitality makes me feel like I’m miles away from the gray Maine day outside. In addition, they offer warm delicious coffee at any time during the day, with endless refills. For a breakfast options, their french toast breakfast option, which you can choose to be white, wheat, raisin or hand-cut Italian, makes for a warm and delicious breakfast combination that keeps me warm even after I go back out into the cold.- Ellie Spade

4.) Blueberry muffins at Bilbo Madd Apple Cafe

During the fall, muffins are my favorite food to snack on. Every morning before work or class I’ll walk down to Bilbo Madd Apple Cafe to get a muffin and a bottle of milk. My favorite muffin flavors are blueberry, chocolate chip and banana nut. What makes Biblo Madd Apple such a satisfying cafe is how filling their food is. It’s always freshly baked and well priced. They have other items there too that I have yet to try, such as the apple cinnamon pancakes. They also have cranberry walnut pie covered in maple cranberry sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. All of these menu items have a fall essence to them, and even though I go with the simplicity of the blueberry muffins, I would love to try the other food to satisfy my fall cravings. – David Sanok

5.) Pumpkin Chai from Market House Coffee

The increasingly cold weather has often turned my morning routine into a frantic search for a hot, frothy and decadent beverage to slurp down on my way to work. Thankfully, Market House Coffee has my back, with their tantalizing selection of syrups, flavor shots and spices that’s available to add to their already delicious coffee options. Lately though I’ve been on a chai kick. I’ll admit at first I was a little turned off to the idea of drinking a coffee-like drink, that’s really a tea, but tastes like spiced milk. Now I’ve gotten far past the point of “just getting used to it” and am now in the throngs of a full blown morning addiction. The taste bud teasing concoction usually consists of cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, cardamom and black tea for a beverage made of pure bliss. In a move that’s even extra cliché, I like to add a burst of pumpkin syrup, which adds some more complexity to its flavor.  Chai is more to me than just a spicy, aromatic fall themed treat. It’s my morning vitality potion. There’s just something about walking past piles of red and orange leaves, gourd filled porches and dilapidated scarecrows, while I’m sipping on my pumpkin chai. Not only does my body thank me for the much needed jolt of caffeine induced energy, but my mind is set to a seasonally cliché, happy place.

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