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Portland trampoline park promotes wellness

Aaron Damon

Posted on November 04, 2014 in Arts & Culture
By Krysteana Scribner

Aaron Damon

Get Air, a Utah-based trampoline park company, recently opened a new warehouse in Portland and is offering a fun place for adults and children alike to get exercise while experiencing the fun of a variety of jump-centric activities.

“Its a great alternative to outdoor sports for individuals who aren’t into those kinds of things,” said Jordan Peters, a Portland local and safety referee at Get Air. “They can get exercise and get their energy out, and relieve any winter blues or cabin fever they may have.”

Upon entering the trampoline warehouse, individuals are surrounded a variety of different activities. Trampolines are side by side with foam pits, where people can jump, do a flip and land softly and safely. There are vertical trampolines, basketball courts and a dodgeball area. For more adventurous individuals, there are slacklines for balancing, a fidget ladder that crosses a foam pit and a ninja course through a maze of walls and trampolines.

Katie Vaillancourt, a resident of Windham, said that during the winter months it’s especially difficult to get her children to exercise and is excited that Get Air has come to Portland.

“This is a really hard time of year because it’s so cold and there’s nothing to do, said Vaillencourt. “The only other option before this park was to go to Jokers where you’re stuck in a small space with a million other kids.”

Vaillencourt said that upon hearing about the park’s arrival and low price she jumped on the opportunity to check it out.

“It is definitely something new and different for them to do,” said Vaillencourt.

Trampoline daredevils also have the chance to review their jumps on Get Air’s delayed-view recording cameras and giant flat screens, which makes for an amazing viewing  experience for you and your bouncing buddies. Attendees flipped and twisted through the air, landed in the foam pit and raced back to the screens to review their feats.

According to Peters, there is an area for smaller kids and then a separate area for everyone else, which provides a variety of challenges to all age groups.

For individuals with younger children who want to get a chance to jump without worrying about getting accidentally assaulted aerially, this trampoline park offers a “Kiddie Court,” which is a blocked off section for youngsters to safely have fun.

“Get Air” typically opens between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m, depending on the day of the week, and will stay open as late as midnight on weekends. According to Peters, this trampoline park is definitely an all ages activity, regardless of the time of day.

“During the day when school is still in, we get a lot of younger kids,” said Peters. “We also get a lot of college students – In fact, sometimes it’s mostly college students.”

Just in time for the winter season, this fun activity provides a release from cabin fever and allows for individuals of all ages to exercise, often times without realising it.

Although you can bounce for as long as you please, Peters suggests that you pay for the first hour, and then see how you feel from then on out.

“I suggest the one hour because you can go back and buy the second hour at the discounted rate. People don’t realize just how much energy it takes and how many calories they’re going to burn. I see so many people eagerly get on the trampoline only to be sweating ten minutes in,” said Peters.

For children and adults alike, this trampoline park provides a unique experience as well as exercise to create a perfect combination of fun.

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