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Muse Paintbar comes to Portland

Aaron Damon

Posted on November 04, 2014 in Arts & Culture
By Krysteana Scribner

Aaron Damon
Aaron Damon

Muse Paintbar in Portland can make a Picasso out of anyone by adding alcohol to the mix. Individuals from across Maine gather there to sit back, relax and learn to paint while sipping from an elegant glass of wine or taking shots in between brush strokes. The combination of these two relaxing activities creates a memorable experience that will have you coming back for more

Regardless of your art expertise or skill level, Muse Paintbar hosts painting sessions that are open to anyone. Individuals ranging from all ages who would like to attend are welcome to visit and make a creation of their own. Better yet, you don’t even need any of your own supplies. Muse Paintbar provides everything you will need, including the paint, canvases and aprons. Then, trained artists will guide painters brush stroke by brush stroke from a blank canvas to an original masterpiece.

“We provide our customers with everything they’ll need, including a variety of paints, aprons and even things like paper towels and stain remover,” said Briana Balboni, a Muse paint instructor. “We do the cleanup as well and we try our best to make our customers feel comfortable and welcome.”

The bar hosts both private and public sessions, so visitors can compete with strangers for the best drunken portrait or book a session for a birthday party, work event or fundraiser. They host events such as bachelorette parties, work events, fundraisers and children parties. Muse Paintbar also holds special events, such as couples night, partner events and family nights.

“Private sessions are usually held in the other room away from the public sessions, that way they can have the privacy and experience that they want,” said Bal.boni.

Before individuals begin painting, they can take a look at the menu, which offers a variety of options from mixed drinks to draft beers on tap. If you’re not a drinker or happen to be underage, Muse offers all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Katelyn Casagrande, a resident of Windham, said that the combination of drinks and friends made for an amazing experience, and at the end of her session she felt like a professional artist.

“I enjoy hanging out with friends and getting a few drinks, so when they suggested we take an art class at the same time I was completely excited for this new experience,” said Casagrande. “I’ve been told I’m artsy before, so it was fun to work with paints again and I definitely plan on coming back soon.”

Kathy Rocray, a resident of Saco, sat at her paint station next to her sister. Together they sipped on their martinis and conversed about their busy days. Rocray said that she came to the paintbar simply to have a good time.

“I’ve been here before a few times, and everytime I’ve had an amazing experience and furthered my art skill,” said Rocray. “It’s nice to just be able to get a few drinks after a long day and then create the masterpiece you never thought you could do. The combination of alcohol and painting is better than I could have imagined.”

Kelly Simonds, a resident of York, stood back to take a look at her painting and let the experience of the night sink in.

“I was afraid my painting would come out sloppy with the combination of alcohol in my system, but I was delighted to see that it came out amazing. Muse has such a warm welcoming atmosphere and it really reflects the culture of Portland,” said Simonds.

“We always have a lot of fun and people end up painting masterpieces original to their personality,” said Balboni. “Walk-ins are always welcome, and you’ll find that this friendly relaxing environment can make an artist out of anyone.”

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