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Album Review: Asleep in the Forest

Posted on November 04, 2014 in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture
By USM Free Press

Self-Released Album

By Kyle Cumiskey

Hailing from Portland, the band If and It has just released their eighth studio album on Aug. 30, titled Asleep in the Forest. Complex vocal harmonies and captivating guitar jams induce a feeling of intimacy throughout the album.

“Space Suite 2000,” is a seven minute escapade into the life of a man who experienced problems with a close friend. The feeling of unrefined instruments is prominent, which makes it obvious that there is not a lot of post-production. “With your space suite on / we could crash into the sun / into the sun.” Although melancholy in regard to melody, it’s also uplifting in lyrical content; which is a dynamic you don’t often hear colorfully presented within the music industry.

“Two Feathers,” is an example of lyrical sorrow. “Where no two feathers ever fall the same / It’s a sad dream / it’s one that I cannot quite explain.” The metaphors in this song have the ability to create an environment that the listener can relate to emotionally. This element, which they tend to have in every song, is what makes this work of art so beautiful.

Whether it be from the guitars or the singer stunning your mind with his lyrics, there are copious amounts of emotion.

In the song “Letting Go,” he describes personal issues he has with the world around him. “How did we learn to hold on / when this whole world keeps letting us float / it’s okay to let go” (coming from the final song, titled “Letting Go”).

One of the best parts about this album is the fact that it was recorded, mixed and mastered, entirely by the band. The songs on Asleep in the Forest depict raw emotion, real feelings and a group of musicians who clearly love what they do. Whether you are from Portland, or you enjoy alternative, folk or indie rock, there are plenty of reasons to let your mind embark on a fifty seven minute adventure called Asleep in the Forest.



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