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Film Review: The Maze Runner

Posted on September 29, 2014 in Arts & Culture, Movie Reviews
By USM Free Press

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

By Sergey Miller

The new blockbuster hit “The Maze Runner” directed by Wes Ball, tells the story of a young man named Thomas, who wakes up on a lift with no memory of how he got there, and he’s not alone. He finds himself surrounded by a gigantic moving maze, and it is here that he discovers that he resides in what is known as the Glade. Just like Thomas, the other individuals in the Glade have no idea as to how they ended up there. All they know is that every morning the maze opens, and every evening it closes. It is at the opening scene of this movie where the acting and character development is at its strongest.

The center section of the maze houses a community of boys that have designed their society into a hierarchy of farmers, workers, healers, leaders and maze runners. It is also the place where no monsters, known as Grievers, can enter. The beginning of this film is imaginative and incorporates the viewer right into the mystery of it all.

As the film progresses, Thomas takes a chance and decides to run through the maze with hopes of escaping. It is at this point that the cinematography and special effects are at its best. The movie itself paints a world of hostility and courage, allowing its audience a suspenseful adventure through a maze they may never get out of alive. The first half of this film is creative, suspenseful and overall exciting to watch. However, it becomes obvious that the first half of the film largely makes up for the lack of creativity in the second half of the film.

As this film passes its halfway point, it begins to focus on setting up the many challenges to which the characters have to face. Some of these barriers include some power structure problems and too much focus on minor characters that tend to annoy the audience rather than meaningfully entertain. The second part of the movie is burdened with bad acting and too many unexplained plot twists. These types of problems tend to make watching the movie a bit difficult, especially if the audience has no sense of why certain elements of the story are going on.

The film itself is told in a manner that creatively mixes the dystopian society of “The Hunger Games” with William Golding’s book “The Lord of the Flies.” As Thomas progresses throughout the movie and learns more about his environment, so does the audience.

This movie has received high reviews for its excellent quality of acting, its good pacing, appropriate suspense and plot twists. The special effects, imaginative cinematography and dystopian sense of mystery is something not to be missed. The movie leaves its viewers with gnawing questions that are unshakable. Luckily, more of these unexplained plot twists will be revealed in a follow-up film titled, “The Scorch Trials” which will be released in theaters on September 18, 2015.

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