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Album Review: Chinese Fountain

Posted on September 29, 2014 in Album Reviews, Arts & Culture
By elledavis

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

California has produced garage rock in prolific numbers, and the band The Growlers is one of them. This band based out of Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA just released their latest album, Chinese Fountain, on Sept. 23. They are aptly called “garage” because that’s quite literally how the original members Neilsen and the lead guitarist Matt Taylor came into fruition.

There’s something charmingly contrastive about the way their distortion pedals create that classic far away echo of low fidelity guitars of the past, while the layered synth reminds open ears that they’re still steadily being propelled into the future. The second track of the album, “Black Memorie,” gives a lightness to the dark and hopeless lyrics, saying: “Expectations died before birth / trying to kill the pain before birth.”

Lead singer Brooks Neilsen, whose vocals are reminiscent of British rock with an attractive apathy, floats through themes in his songs ranging from the youth obsession with technology to trying to find one’s purpose. This becomes obvious when listening to their song “Dull Boy” which has many one-liners. This is an unusual contrast to their carefree songs compiled with bouncy surf rock riffs and acid-washed psychedelic sound effects.

Chinese Fountain is significantly more polished than their previous albums, with the same weight of free and easy vibes, but much more crisp and fine-tuned. Now, they have their own festival that they hold annually in Orange County called “Beach Goth.” With budding success, they’re a band to watch for in the future. To leisure away the time with The Growlers’ dreamy happy jams, check out their newest album and enjoy!


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