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A&C Recommends: The Planetarium

Bruce Raymond | The Free Press

Posted on September 22, 2014 in Arts & Culture, Recommends
By USM Free Press

Bruce Raymond | The Free Press

By Anastasia Muca

USM’s planetarium, located in the basement of the Science building at the Portland campus, will be holding events to explore the sky, historically, presently and in its future. Right now planetarium goers, astronomists and star gazers are prepping for a total lunar eclipse.

Edward Gleason, planetarium manager, can assure that both the solar and lunar cycles occur continuously for thousands and thousands of years.

“The idea is to get outside, look up and enjoy the wondrous sky of Southern Maine,” said Gleason. The dome displays power points, videos and the stars of the night sky promoting knowledge and curiosity for our galaxy. The events are friendly to all ages and the information is accessible to any demographic. Gleason presents the information in a non-intimidating manner and everyone can learn something as he explains that the North Star is not the brightest in our galaxy.

The schedule for the months of September and October are all located on USM’s website. Some upcoming events include Eight Planets and Counting, on Sept. 22 and the recurring Dinosaurs at Dusk! special on Sept. 22 and 26. Taking advantage of USM’s planetarium is an absolute must. So bring a friend along for the show, and experience the amazing view within the planetarium.

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