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The Free Press: Top 5 gifts for under $20

Posted on December 09, 2013 in News
By dakotawing, and Sidney Dritz

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be hard to figure out what to get for everyone on your list. There are the big players—family, close friends, but what about that girl down the hall who you didn’t think you were that close with, but who got you something? What about your lab partner who helped you move your furniture that time, or the professor whose class had an unexpected effect on your life? You don’t want to do anything huge, but you want to do something. Not to worry, the Free Press has you covered.

1. Mini Oven: No matter how much you love ARAMARK, there’s no substitute for a home-cooked meal, so if your home is your dorm room, a mini-oven is a great substitute! If you want to make a dorm friend extremely happy, look no further than a mini oven. Available online at

2. CVS Plush and Sherpa Blanket: A last minute gift you can pick up at the drugstore on the way over to a secret santa or yankee swap event? Sure, maybe, but this incredibly soft blanket will see a lot of use this winter now matter what.

3. Texting gloves: For the text-o-phile in your life—maybe we do spend too much time on our phones, but that’s not reason not to be toasty-warm and look snazzy while we do.

4. Hot chocolate mix (along with a cheap mug and marshmallows): ‘Tis the season to drive the cold away with excessive amounts of sugar. You can also get a cheap mug and decorate it however you like to make it a more personalized gift!

5. Stapler and hole punch: Odd stocking stuffers, certainly, but they’re surprisingly practical! Maybe they’re not exactly what you picture when you’re ripping through wrapping paper, but they’ll probably have a longer and more useful life than lots of more colorful gifts.

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