Student profile: Shadiyo Hussainali shares her aspirations


Shadiyo Hussainali is a third year biology major with a focus in pre-med at USM. Hussainali currently is living in Portland and spends a lot of her time on the Portland campus. The places she frequents vary every semester, but she consistently spends much of her time in the multicultural center located in the Woodbury. Hussainali does a lot of work there as well as in the Science Building. She is a member of the multicultural club, the pre health club and is the vice president of the Muslim Students’ Association of USM as well as doing after-school help for other students, both tutoring and advising.

Hussainali works at fundraisers and does community service for these clubs to raise awareness of various causes. Recently, Hussainali worked with the pre health club to host a salsa dance where all proceeds went to a charity. The group also raises money throughout the year for world health costs. Currently the group is hoping to partner with the Muscular Dystrophy Association for an event.

Through the multi-cultural club, Hussainali works to host events so that students can get to know one another and simply hang out and enjoy themselves. She also meets with ESL students to help teach them and encourage them to try and get a college education. As the vice president of the Muslim Association of USM, Hussainali puts together small events and things like food tables to catch students’ attention. “As a Muslim, I want to change pre-notions of what being a Muslim is. I want to educate other students who may know not know much about us. We want to help with any questions people may have. Don’t be scared to come to our events or drop by the multicultural center” Hussanali said.

After USM, Hussainali has aspirations of attending Tufts university in Boston for graduate school. Ultimately, Hussainali wants to become either an emergency physician or emergency OB GYN and get a job at Maine Med. Hussainali has already worked outside of school to make this dream a reality when she worked as an assistant for an emergency doctor at the Mid Coast hospital in Brunswick, where she mostly filled out patients’ documents for the doctor.


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