1.) Abromson Center

Do yourself a favor – drink a lot of water during the school day and visit the Abromson bathrooms on your way to the parking garage. We swear a top-notch custodian must clean these every ten minutes, because they’re always so clean. It might also be because students don’t often have class here, but let’s give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. They’re spacious, so it’s not often you’ll have to worry about those awkward situations with loud and smelly strangers in the stall next to you. Plus, they’re ridiculously well-lit and have huge mirrors, so it’s a good spot to make sure you’re looking fly before you go to class.

2.) Brooks Student Center

At the Brooks Student Center, it’s all about variety. If you’re hanging out in the lower level, whether it be at The Crack or for a Thirsty Thursday GEB event, the bathrooms by the mailroom are consistently clean and have more “duty” space. If you want a more personal cleansing session, though, the upstairs bathrooms outside the cafeteria are single-person restrooms, and they’re colorful as well as quiet. Make sure you lock the door though! It’s never fun having someone walk in on you, but it’s a bit more embarrassing when you both hit up the salad bar immediately afterward.

3.) Glickman Library

Glickman Library gets straight to the point. They know what you need and they deliver. Bathrooms on every floor. Simple, neat and clean. You don’t have time for floral wallpaper, multiple sinks or having to choose between drying your hands with and air-dryer or paper towels. You’ve got a handful of late chemistry lab reports and a 30-page paper on Moby Dick to write by tomorrow! Everyone is in and out, because what full-time college student has time to go to the bathroom? Plus, anyone hanging out in the library is obviously organized and tidy, and they like to keep their bathrooms the same way.

4.) Old Science Building

While the placement of bathroom on every other floor is a pain in terms of convenience, the bathrooms themselves make up for it. When you find them, you enter a world of restroom reliability and seclusion. The OId Science Building has a quiet mood in general, and the bathrooms match that atmosphere. Not to mention it’s in a science building, full of people who care about things like cleanliness on a microscopic level. The only bacterial colonies in this facility are in the toilet.

5.) Woodbury Campus Center

The men’s and women’s bathrooms in the Woodbury Campus are separated by a custodian closet. Perfect. It’s comforting to know that these are being cleaned on the regular. These are easily the most accessible facilities on campus, which is great for those emergency situations, but awful when there are hundreds of people running in and out. There are a few spots in the campus center where you can pick up the latest issue of The Free Press for a little reading material too. You’re welcome.

Editor’s note:

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re holding cleanliness above all else. This list could easily be renamed “Top 5 bathrooms that don’t smell like stale urine.”

You should avoid dormitory bathrooms at all costs.


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