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So, wait a minute – why did Obama win again?

Posted on November 12, 2012 in Henry's Head, Perspectives
By Andrew Henry

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Many disappointed Republicans are lashing out at the American public for making a mistake by re-electing President Obama, claiming that things are going to get worse, not better. And I can absolutely understand why.

Mitt Romney may have lost, but he still represents a true Republican. I mean, yes, during his years as governor of Massachusetts he was widely considered a “moderate” Republican. Yes, many small businesses were suffering before he became governor, and he turned them around and made most of them successful. But when he became the frontrunner during the Republican primaries, he realized something crucial: the version of Mitt Romney that was governor wasn’t going to cut it. He realized that in order to stand a chance of becoming president, he would need to renege his views on gay marriage, abortion and many other important stances in order to become a “real” Republican, or for all intents and purposes, a “Realpublican.” Mitt Romney had the courage to abandon his clearly unsuccessful views as Governor and change them in order to gain the support of the section of the conservative community that was on the fence about him. He said a firm “no” to abortion rather than support it, as he did in a National Review article from 2011 titled “My Pro-Life Pledge.” He said a firm “no” to gay marriage rather than endorse it, like he did in a 1994 article for New England newspaper Bay Windows. Romney appeased the far right because he understood what it means to sacrifice for the good of this country. He sacrificed his former views. He changed and altered his Republican views for us.

You know when someone is in a relationship, and they change to please the other person in the relationship? That’s what Mitt Romney did. All those clips of him saying one thing in an interview and then stating the exact opposite in a different one – he did that for the betterment of the American public. It’s absurd that Democrats fail to realize this completely clear fact.

He also understands us, that is, students in college. Romney went to college himself, and he understands what it’s like to be a hard-working student just like us. Granted, he did go to Brigham Young University and Harvard paid for by his family, but Romney understands us in that he wants us to be able to be just like him – successful, wealthy and generally happy people. He knows that everyone wants to be rich, and he only wants us to have that opportunity as well. He did say that we should just “borrow from our parents,” but he was really trying to tell us that he wants us all to have successful enough families that we have the ability to borrow from our parents. He wasn’t just speaking from personal experience because his parents paid for his education, because that would be insensitive. That’s not the type of person Mitt Romney is – he cares about us.

He also came under fire for his comments on the 47 percent of America that supposedly doesn’t pay income tax, saying that those people feel they are victims and will support Obama unconditionally. Mitt Romney stated that he wouldn’t “worry about those people,” which many interpreted to mean that he simply does not care about 47 percent of America. But if Democrats would only look beyond the words, they could see the real message.

Romney was really saying that he wasn’t going to worry about people that were already successful, a.k.a. the 47 percent, not that he doesn’t care about them. That 47 percent is just like him – successful people. He was implying that he wasn’t going to worry, and focus more on the citizens of America that did need help, the people who do pay income tax. Why these implications about Romney’s positive stance on helping the less fortunate went unnoticed is beyond me.

It’s clear to me that Romney has more going for him than people realize. If only the Democrats would look past their winning campaign strategies and see the big picture – that winning isn’t everything. Something that Mitt Romney personally understands.

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