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Dance like no ones watching at zumba class

Posted on November 12, 2012 in Chiu On This, Sports
By Anna Chiu

This year, a fun, Latin-inspired fitness class has motivated many USM students to dance their way to good health. USM is now offering one of the worlds’ largest and most successful dance themed fitness parties, known as Zumba. It is perfect for those who hate working out, but love dancing.
Staff member Jennifer Camire, who discovered Zumba four years ago and instantly fell in love, teaches part time at the Sullivan Complex a couple evenings a week. Zumba has allowed her to get back in touch with her dancing roots. “I was involved with dance a lot as a child and throughout high school, but kind of lost touch after that. Zumba brought me back into the dance world and inspired me to become certified as a group fitness instructor.”
Zumba brings exercise to a whole new level because you do not feel like you are working out. It does not involve knowing any complicated dance steps or choreography, instead it focuses on moving to the music and just having fun. “It’s a program that is really accessible to a wide range of fitness levels, including those who are brand new to exercise,” says Camire. “ I also love seeing the confidence that students gain throughout the semester.”
Freshman Nava Fox, an aspiring nursing major, decided to join because of how different it is from conventional exercise regimens, “It’s the only exercise that gets me going because of the lively music and the fun atmosphere.”
Some students, however, are hesitant about trying Zumba because of the potential humiliation it may bring. You do, after all, have to dance in a semi provocative way, which students can find uncomfortable. For Fox, all it took was getting use to the uncertainty. “Everybody in the class feels the same in the beginning but you get used to it and you just dance and have fun.”
For students who don’t have the time to work out or simply have no motivation or desire for traditional exercise routines, Zumba is a win-win solution. Not only do participants get the health benefits of exercise, they also get to have fun and dance like they would at a nightclub. There’s no fault in trying- sometimes you discover new things about yourself because of the chances you take. Zumba will surely satisfy your expectations.

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