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King and Pingree have my vote this election

Posted on October 29, 2012 in Henry's Head, Perspectives
By Andrew Henry

This election season, the candidates are as varied as ever. After countless hours of sifting through the state-level election information and candidate websites, speaking to other voters, and watching campaign videos, I’m proud to endorse Chellie Pingree for Congress and Angus King for U.S. Senate.

I endorse Chellie Pingree because she represents a wholesome, forward-thinking attitude that will work for the positive future of Maine. She puts the citizens of Maine first, and advocates a stable business future for the state. Her website states that she believes in “Mainers getting back to work,” and “support for small businesses,” a stance that many Republicans share.

Another primary reason that I endorse her is because of her positive stance on health care. While Congresswoman Pingree supports the Affordable Care Act, she also believes that there is more to be done. She sees the health care reform as a good base for individual states to customize their own health care plans, rather than an all-encompassing plan, whose aspects of which don’t universally fit all states correctly. She wants a health care plan that incorporates the positive parts of the federal reform package, but is also tailored the needs of Maine citizens.

Pingree also believes in clean, affordable energy for Maine. During her time in Congress, she was elected as vice-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, comprised of members of congress committed to environmental issues in Maine. Her views on our current energy usage are realistic, pragmatic and refreshing, and the use of affordable, renewable energy would reduce debt in the long term for Maine’s economy.

Congresswoman Pingree truly believes in Maine, and her practical optimism is as infectious as it is confidence-inspiring. I’m proud to support Chellie Pingree for Congress.

I’ve been a supporter of Angus King for years, but it’s important to have an Independent in the senate now more than ever. The first paragraph of King’s stance on current issues on his campaign website summarizes many positives and negatives of the current political climate that I agree with. These include the lack of progress in Washington due to partisan arguments, the economic struggle, and high energy prices. King’s campaign website shows that he hasn’t fallen out of touch with Maine in the nearly-ten years he’s been out of office.

King is a seasoned leader with experience working for Mainers. I was talking with someone recently who supports Mitt Romney, and he believes it’s important that a candidate have some sort of challenging leadership experience before running for office, implying that gubernatorial experience like Romney’s is better than Senate experience like Obama’s. Speaking strictly from an experiential standpoint, he wasn’t necessarily wrong. King served as Governor for eight years and made tough decisions on issues such as background checks for Maine school employees and the Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

King doesn’t have a direct party affiliation, a hugely important factor in the polarized bi-partisan political landscape. King’s website shows his motto in bold print, “Nobody will tell me how to vote – except the people of Maine.” King has support from Democrats and Republicans alike. He believes in creating jobs in Maine and supports the “No Budget, No Pay Act.” I’m proud to officially support Angus King for U.S. senate this election.

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