The Free Press and the Bangor Daily News have teamed up in a partnership aimed at strengthening and promoting student journalism in Maine.

The Free Press has joined the BDN’s media partners program, in which the BDN provides training and web hosting and development services for organizations around the state. Other partners include the the student newspaper at the University of Maine.

“We’re looking forward to working with University of Southern Maine students and showing their work to a wider audience,” said Todd Benoit, director of news and new media at the BDN. “We think the quality of their writing will impress our readers statewide.”

“This is very exciting,” said Paul Koenig, editor-in-chief of The Free Press. “We’ll both be able to expand and improve our papers through the partnership, and it will be a big boost to student journalism in Maine.”

The Free Press reaches the 10,000 students of USM at its three campuses in Gorham, Portland and Lewiston.