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USM Police Beat: smoking weed, urinating on cars, post-Superbowl heartache

Chelsea Ellis

Posted on February 13, 2012 in News
By Noah Hurowitz

Wednesday, Feb. 8

8:30 p.m.–Drug Violation: Complaint of a subject smoking marijuana by the smoking benches. Officer responded and spoke with a group but they were only smoking cigarettes. —Robie Andrews Hall

10:13 a.m. -Fire Call: Report of smoke in a room. Officer and Gorham Fire Department responded and found the cause to be burnt food. —New Residence Hall


Monday, Feb 6

2/6 2:26 a.m.–Criminal Mischief: Complaint of a hole punched in a ceiling tile on the 4th floor. Officer responded and spoke with complainant. Report and photo taken. Referred to Facilities Management for repair.—New Residence Hall

2/6 5:36 p.m. –Fire Call: Custodial supervisor reports smoke inside the Payson Smith student success center. He was advised to leave and to alert others then wait outside for the fire department. No alarms have sounded. Portland Fire Department responded and found the source of the smoke to be from burnt food in a microwave. —Payson Smith Hall



Sunday, Feb. 5

2/5 10:12 p.m. — Suspicious Activity: Subjects observed in the parking lot who appear to be acting out their disappointment of the football game. They do not appear to be damaging any property. Officer responded and watched the group. Officer checked in with the staff. Everything is all set. —New Residence Hall

2/5 3:28 p.m. –Drug Violation: Complaint of Marijuana odor on 2nd floor of Wood. Officer responded and spoke with all parties. Report taken. —Wood Hall


Friday, Feb. 3

2/3 12:57 a.m. –Drug Violation: Report of a drug transaction between 2-students at Dicky-Wood. Officer responded and spoke with the complainant and one of the suspects. ResLife will document and handle. —Dickey Hall

2/3 2:17 a.m. –Criminal Mischief: Complaint of two Exit signs damaged. Officer responded and spoke to the complainant. Report and photos taken. Referred to Facilities Management for repair. —New Residence Hall


Wednesday, Feb. 1

2/1 10:05 p.m.–Noise Disturbance: Second complaint of a loud group. They are louder than before with cars going by honking horns. Officer responded and warned the group of Disorderly Conduct. Officer stood by while group broke up and left. —Dickey Hall

2/1 9:36 p.m. Noise Disturbance: Complaint of a group of 5-10 males and females being loud. Officer responded and made contact with the group who were asked to quiet down. —Dickey Hall