WMPG has raised raised nearly $15,000 for Begathon, half of their $30,000 goal, although a power outage Friday morning slowed donations for the pledge drive.

“Friday really hurt us,” said Dale Robin Goodman, the Southern Maine community radio station’s development director.

The station was off air for several hours, along with power in the area on Friday morning. “If people can’t turn the radio on, they might not come back,” she said.

Despite the setback, Goodman said the station has raised nearly $15,000, half of their $30,000 goal, and some of the radio shows have exceeded their individual marks.

Another unexpected event, the canceling of the Nateva Music and Camping Festival in Oxford, has caused more headaches because the station had given away tickets to the festival as prizes for certain donation levels. Goodman said those donations will be refunded, and although some listeners may still donate the money, it may not be for as much.

“There’s always surprises at Begathon — some good ones, some not as good,” she said.

The pledge drive continues through Wednesday.

“I wish we were further ahead, but our listeners always come through for us,” Goodman said.


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