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‘Lucy Gray’ ends band on good note

Posted on November 08, 2010 in Commuting Introvert
By Samuel Ellis

I have never seen the humble Deering Grange’s stage shine as brightly as it did when Envy on the Coast played it nearly three years ago.  I immediately purchased their sophomore album “Lucy Gray” after that near perfect performance and haven’t been able to stop humming vocalist Ryan Hunter’s catchy and powerful choruses ever since.

Lasting a jam packed 45 minutes, “Lucy Gray” is frenzied and gentle, sporadic and consistent, as well as perfect for a round trip to the Portland campus.

While accomplishing the difficult task of constructing a memorable album fans turn to when they want to sing along, Envy on the Coast can easily be compared to big name acts like Incubus and Circa Survive but at the same time remind Portland listeners of now disbanded local musical royalty,the Cambiata.

“Lucy Gray” opens with “Sugar Skulls,” a track that will immediately have you bobbing your head in admiration of Dan Gluszak’s impressive drumming and the striking backing vocals of Sal Bossio. After maintaining the mood set by its first track, the album shifts to showcase Hunter and Bossio’s mature song and lyric writing in acoustic tracks “Starving Your Friends” and “Lapse.”

After releasing another full length album entitled “Low Country,” Envy on the Coast split in the summer of 2010.  The fact that seeing them live is no longer possible shouldn’t deter you from experiencing their tremendous discography, as short as it may be.  If you’re a fan of Incubus or the Cambiata longing for more, or just an alternative rock lover, Envy on the Coast could become your new favorite group.