Sport: Volleyball

Hometown: New Ipswich, N.H.

Shannon is a senior who has a Biology degree, and is currently pursuing a second degree in Geography-Anthropology.

FP: What are the things that attracted you to USM that other schools didn’t offer?

SS: I specifically came to USM to play volleyball and ice hockey at the varsity level and because I wanted to be closer to home.

FP: Did you choose USM more for the academics or for the athletics?

SS: I definitely chose USM for the athletics because I can earn a biology degree at any school. What you put into your academics is what you get out of it, which will happen no matter what college or university you attend.

FP: How do you balance everything, between your school work, athletics and leisure?

SS: My life is written down in a planner and I never leave my apartment without it. I don’t have a lot of free time and end up running around to this class or that meeting all week long. One of the great things about being a busy and involved student-athlete is benefiting from all the skills you learn to master, such as time management and being disciplined.

FP: What has been the most valuable learning experience you have had in your time at USM?

SS: I’ve learned a lot about myself and how much potential I have to be a scholar, an athlete, a leader  and, most importantly;  I’ve learned how to manage student groups, especially with respect to going out and getting the information I need, being assertive, taking initiative  and not being afraid to voice my opinions in a group atmosphere.

FP: What has been the best athletic achievement you have had as a part of the USM volleyball team?

SS: Hands down, the greatest achievement involves re-establishing the program, which came to an abrupt end the year I transferred to USM after the completion of preseason. Not only that, but also earning the respect from other teams we played last year.

FP: What has it been like playing for Coach Tricomi?

SS: Coach Tricomi has been an amazing breath of fresh air to the USM volleyball program. She brings so much energy, experience, patience and fun to our team. She earns the respect of our team without having to demand it from us and I admire that a lot about her, among other aspects of her coaching style and overall personality.

FP: Where do you see yourself after graduation and further down the road?

SS: I’m in the process of applying to veterinary school for next fall. If and when I receive an acceptance letter, I’ll be joining the military’s Veterinary Program that same day. Once I finish veterinary school and spend some time acquiring experience in a clinic, I plan to open my own practice conglomerate, where I’ll offer a variety of services. I want to establish my clinic well enough so that I can focus on large, exotic and marine animal rescue and rehabilitation, as well as house calls. If you don’t dream big, you won’t achieve big.

FP: Thank you, Shannon.


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