The new self-titled album by local Portland rockers, Grand Hotel is a 40-minute showcase of rock at it’s absolute finest and most fun.

The band is chock-full of musical talent and each member gets a chance to show off their chops in different sections on the album. Straight from the get-go the listener is pulled into the song “Telephone” with a heavy rhythmic pounding from drummer Aaron LaChance that echos inside your skull for hours after the CD stops spinning. The artistry of the bass and lead guitars (Jason Elvin and Glen Capen) are made apparent in songs like “Another Daydream” where the style shifts swimmingly from bluesy rifts to a solid undefinable groove and back again. “California Cool” is an powerful summer style song that uses the full talent of the lead singer (Kyle Gervais) who’s range gets turned up to eleven but maintains a solid hold on the song without sacrificing its integrity. The song that really stands out is the upbeat “Disillusion” because it packs beautiful touches of many different styles of rock licks and pop hooks into a happy little music sandwich.

Overall, the album is a solid piece of musical work that manages to capture emotions and the sounds of the city. Everything is well structured and the music flows from one song to the other effortlessly.


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