Portland, Maine is known for it’s variety of music; whether it be rock, punk, rockabilly, blues, or something a little more undefined.

Apocryphonic, composed of Chris Milligan on guitar, Kyle Winchester on drums and Justin Dyer on bass, is one of those bands that falls in the last category.

Dyer describes their music as “Heavy-Post Rock Instrumental with references to 80’s Rock and a smack of Indie Rock.” “Funky,” Milligan adds with nods from Winchester and Dyer. “Whatever we want.”

“But we still attempt coherency,” Dyer notes. “Amongst the myriad of genres, we attempt coherency. And I think that we’re still developing as well.”

Apocryphonic played their first show in August, 2009. Dyer and Milligan have been writing music together for over five years and have been friends much longer. All three of them were in a band called Claymore Minds, which broke up in 2004. Apocryphonic originally had a different drummer before Winchester pushed his way back into the group. “We always considered Kyle as a part of our group,” Milligan explains. “He just wasn’t there for a little bit.” “I sort of muscled my way into the group,” Winchester said with a laugh. “I went to every one of their shows and after the show, rather intoxicated, I would tell them that they needed me.” He’s been playing drums for Apocryphonic since February 16th and the show at Genos on April 9th marked the first show that Winchester played with the band.

Watching and listening to Apocryphonic is a rare and enjoyable experience. Each member clearly cares about the band and enjoys playing for an audience. Their music something not often heard in Portland — a mixture of heavy instrumental metal combined with haunting and heartbreaking melodies that leave the crowd screaming and cheering for more and it’s always more fun when the members of the band are clearly having a good time. “You know, I’m not really as nervous playing with these guys as I have been with other bands,” said Winchester. “I’m not really sure why.” Milligan explains that, “Playing on stage is fun,” though he gets  «a little nervous until part of the way through the first song.”

Apocryphonic played for a solid hour, pausing only a few times for various thank yous to the audience. It was a completely different experience than listening to any other band — Apocryphonic brings you on a strange and inspiring journey. “I think that they’re amazing,” Sarah Mason laughs. Any plans for a CD? “Yes,” Milligan confirms. “We’re planning an EP later, before our next show.” If you get the chance, see them. You won’t regret or forget it.


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