FP: Why did you choose to come to USM? Was it the academics or the cross-country and track and field programs?

EG: I chose USM for a mix of both. Academically, USM was well-known for its Nursing and Health Science Programs which were the majors I was deciding between. Athletically I was attracted to USM because of its great reputation in cross-country and track, and the indoor track was a plus.

FP: What specifically has made your experience at USM worthwhile over the past three years?

EG: My time at USM so far was been very well-rounded. Running for USM has allowed me to travel to places such as Canada, New York City, and Florida to compete against athletes I normally would not have the opportunity to compete against. Also, this summer I am traveling to the Dominican Republic for two weeks for my nursing partnership to volunteer at health clinics in different villages which will certainly add to my positive experience at USM.

FP: I know the women’s track and field team has been great over the years you have been here. What is special about this year’s team? Is this the best team you have been on at USM?

EG: This year’s team is so special because we have so much depth and truly have no weak spots. Also, we have great team chemistry which makes it a lot of fun. I would say this year’s team is the strongest it has been since I have been at USM. The girls who have been on the team in the past have all improved immensely this year and we have a great group of freshman that have contributed a lot to our success.

FP: What do you plan on doing after USM? Do you think USM has prepared you well for life after school?

EG: After USM I would like to try living somewhere else for a few years, preferably somewhere warm. I also plan on running the Boston Marathon. I am still deciding whether I want to continue with my education or go straight into working but either way I feel USM has prepared me for success in whichever I decide.


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