Porters are an often-misunderstood breed. The average beer drinker probably hasn’t ever had one, if he or she even knows what they are.

There aren’t many brewers in the U.S. still making this father-to-the-stout, but if you want to check one out, look first to Anchor Brewing. Based out of San Francisco, this world-renowned microbrewery offers a classic porter that’s a perfect introduction to the style.

The beer pours a very dark brown — almost black — with an average creamy head that fades to a nice cap. It has a very intriguing scent, a roasty or almost smoky aroma. There also seems to be a hint of coffee or chocolate, which both show up briefly in the taste.

The beer is highly drinkable with a nice mix of slight bitterness from the hops and a creamy blend of coffee and caramel influences to round it off. It’s not watery at all, and gives a complete and fulfilled taste.

I would highly recommend this porter to any beer lover, whether or not you’re familiar with the style. Drop by Downeast Beverage on Commercial Street and pick up a six-pack.

Brandon likes beer. No kidding. If you want him to test the waters before you drop cash on your next six-pack, send review requests (or brew-related questions) to [email protected] with the subject: Beer.


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