Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Sport: Women’s track

FP: How did you feel when you broke the 17-year-old record for the 400 meter indoor race in NYC last weekend?

Emily: I felt pretty proud, that record has been standing for a long time, so it was exciting to break it.? My time was?59.64 seconds and I’ve been trying to break a minute in indoor all season so I was happy to finally do it.

FP: What would you say is your favorite event?

Emily: I really enjoy all of my events, I love running with other girls on my team when we do relays.? My main focus is probably the 400, but the 200 is a fun race for me because I really get to sprint all out.

FP: When did you start to become really serious about running track and field?

Emily: I started running track when I was in 6th grade, and I played other sports all through high school, but it was around my sophomore year of high school that I realized I wanted to focus on track.

FP: Was there any determining factor? Or did you just realize you had a strong potential for track?

Emily: I had a really positive experience with track during high school.? My coaches and teammates were great, and I really enjoyed racing and wanted to see what competing at the college level could do for me.

FP: With that being said, how has your experience with USM Track been?

Emily: My experience has been great so far. I am training at an intense level which has helped me a lot in individual events.? I only did outdoor track during high school, so to come to college and run the full year of indoor and outdoor really helped me to improve.? Our team has had a very successful season this year so it has also been fun to be a part of that.

FP: Most women on your team are pretty modest about your team’s success; do you feel you have to give more effort to get noticed by the press, as well as the school?

Emily: I know we appreciate the recognition when we are successful.? It does seem like the track teams get overlooked considering the amount of success that we do have, but I think our team focus is about running well for the sake of our team, and hopefully the recognition will come as we continue to be successful.

FP: Do you have any pre-run rituals?

Emily: I have certain songs that I listen to on my iPod when I’m warming up to get myself excited, but I can’t say I have anything too strange that I do before meets.?

FP: What is one of the songs you listen to?

Emily: Well one of the songs that our team has embraced this year has been “What is Love” by Haddaway.? We made up a dance and everything.

FP: That’s solid gold right there. So anything else you want USM to know about the “real” Emily Artesani?

Emily: I’m an easy-going girl, I really enjoy music-playing, listening, singing, etc.-and I play a mean game of HORSE (basketball). Just ask my coach.


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