Belgian beers are generally regarded with high esteem by drinkers and critics alike. After finding a niche for this style of brewing in Maine, Allagash has carved out its own prestige in the beer community, and their Dubbel Ale holds up this tradition.

Coming in at seven percent alcohol by volume and sporting a very dark pour, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at. However, the Dubbel is surprisingly light and smooth. It has a sweetly roasted malt aroma that is subdued enough to remain pleasant. The sweetness was a surprise, but it matches nicely with the taste, which shows a nice mix between nuts, fruit, and a hint of chocolate.

Thankfully the Dubbel is not overly sweet and is balanced out by a naturally fermenting yeast that is added before bottling. Overall the ale has a refreshing quality that isn’t found in many of the traditionally English beers brewed in Maine. The result is a very drinkable and quite enjoyable beer from what may be Maine’s most unique brewery.

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