The Student Senate passed a resolution last week designed to encourage the chancellor, the president of USM and the Board of Trustees to find new ways of determining tuition.

All senators present voted in favor of the proposal.

Proposal 33-14 was introduced on October 1 by Senator Jeremy Collette. The proposal was sent to the Student Affairs Committee where it was given a “full recommendation” said Deniz Egilmez, student senator and chair of the Student Affairs Committee.

Collette said in a discussion of the proposal before the vote that, “This proposal is a measure to encourage the chancellor, President and Trustees to examine these new methods.”

Andrew Bossie, Student Senate vice-chair also weighed in, saying, “There is an issue with tuition and there is concern in the student body. I think that…we will have to take action beyond this resolution.”

Bossie said, along with passing the proposal, individual senators should e-mail the administration. He also suggested that senators forward any letters the received from constituents to the administration.

From the gallery, Janine Gorham, an undeclared sophomore and nontraditional student, asked if in the proposal “tuition included the Student Activity Fee.”

Collette said this was intentionally left open to interpretation by the administration.

“I would encourage the Senate to include the fees as they become more and more part of the tuition,” replied Gorham.


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