Name: Joseph Marquis

Age: 22

Major: Computer science

Where are you from?

Auburn, ME.

Why did you choose USM?

It was close.

If you were supreme being of all that is USM, what would you do to make

life better for the USM student?

More involvement of the instructors with the students.

What is your most embarrassing moment at USM?

Getting stuck behind my TV.

College: educational enrichment or four-year party?

Little of each.

What is the most significant thing you have learned here?

How to live in a city.

What do you do when you are not at USM?


How does your major and educational direction compare to your childhood


Completely opposite direction.

Favorite album?

Linkin Park, “Hybrid Theory”

Favorite Movie?

Star Wars series

Do you feel that political correctness at USM is out of hand or needs more enforcement?

I don’t have a problem with the political correctness. But some things

are overly done and some are not done at all, so it evens out.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Too much drama.

Where would you like to travel?

Space–it would be a really cool experience to see the earth from an

entirely different point of view.

If you could say one sentence to George W., what would it be?

When you’re done, bring them home safe.

There is a man-eating cow around a prison. Three inmates escape and

one is eaten by the cow. In turn, the other two inmates eat the cow. Is

this cannibalism?

No, because we eat cows and people die and eventually dead people turn

into nutrients for the grass that the cows eat. It’s all a circle.


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