Sara Sewell




Fine Arts

Where are you from?


Why did you choose USM?

Because it was closest.

If you were supreme being of all that is USM, what would you do to make life better for the USM student?

Reduce Costs.

What is your most embarrassing USM experience?

I tripped down the stairs once in Luther Bonney – hurt but was funny.

College: educational enrichment or four year party?

Definitely Enriching.

What is the most significant thing that you have learned here?

The ability to be an independent person

What do you do when you are not at USM?

I make art.

How does your major and educational direction compare to your childhood aspirations?

So far, I’m right on track.

Favorite album?

Pearl Jam – Ten

Favorite movie?

Encino Man

Do you feel that political correctness at USM is out of hand or needs more enforcement? Explain?

I think things of that nature are just fine.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who talk on cell phones in restaurants.

To where would you like to Travel and why?

Somewhere tropical – because it’s too damn cold here.

If you could say one sentence to George W., what would it be?


There is a man-eating cows around a prison. Three inmates escape and one is eaten by the cow. In turn, the other two inmates eat the cow…is this cannibalism? Why or why not?

No because the man that was eaten by the cow would have been digested before the other men ate the cow.


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