Week of February 10 ~ February 16, 2003

First ~ The Astrological Weather Affecting Us All:

*Jupiter oppose Neptune 2/10 ~22 at 11 Leo/Aq. Fog settles. You may feel an exciting urge to explore something, but what/where/how is just not clear. It’s confusing and there is the possibility that you have unrealistic expectations and/or you are being outright deceived/deceiving. Sooo, you don’t want to be making long-term decisions/commitments right now. And you might want to think twice about excessive altruistic actions/donations.

Mercury enters Aquarius 2/12 until 3/4. Either brilliant strokes of genius (“Why didn’t I think of this before?”), or stubborn resistance to any different idea – or both! Curiously, it loves to break the rules of others, but hates it when others break its rules. Celebrate eccentricity.

*Mars conjunct Pluto 2/14~18 at 19 Sag. A deep urge to purify and purge. Clean out your emotional, psychic, mental, and/or physical closets. Clear the air! Speaking plain, this is not the time for a stereotypical Hearts & Flowers Valentine’s Weekend. The desire to unite is large, and while H & F may grease the skids, they’re not enough on their own. If you and yours ever wanted to get your souls rocked, now is the time! Singles: if you’d have relationship, clean out your crap to make room for someone in your life!

*Full Moon 2/16 6:51 pm at 28 Leo/ Aq. Full moons bring the apex or completion of things. There’s tension between connection & freedom, but you need both! Avoid any dangerous place, situation or people for sure!

*Sun conjunct Uranus 2/16~18 at 29 Aq. International Independence Day! People, individually and globally, demand the right of self-determination. On a personal level, it is all about you. Your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs are yours and no one else’s. You decide your reality. Change your attitude; change your life. It’s that simple.

*Venus conjunct Chiron 2/16~18 at 15 Cap. And here, thank the heavens, is the Holy Grail: peace & healing with your loved ones. This only happens after you acknowledge your differences, which you can do with the all the foregoing. Reconcile within self and relationships will as well. Work at it!

And Now, For your Sign this Week…

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): If you’re tired of having to deny your own instincts to please others, now’s the time to graciously but firmly assert your own needs and desires. If others have become dependent upon you to be somebody you’re not, whose problem is that?

Pisces (2/18~3/20): If you’re not confused, you may not understand the situation! Seriously, you tend to be idealistic now and can fool yourself into thinking everything is just grand. That may be, but talk with someone you trust before making any commitments.

Aries (3/20~4/20): Get everything on your to-do list done before the weekend! The energy is intense and dynamic then and you won’t want to be distracted by humdrum chores. Avoid arguing over the superficial. Get to the real core of the matter!

Taurus (4/20~5/21): For the last week or so, things just haven’t flowed as smoothly as you’d like and this week is no different. Except! Starting Sunday you get a couple of days to reconnect, makeup, make love and peace. But only of you’ve addressed your differences!

Gemini (5/21~6/21): Deal with the practical matters before 2/12. The idealism kicks in after that. Late week onward: Keep a civil tongue. Notice if you think your way is the only or best way. Then notice if you are in more arguments. Listen! And breathe!

Cancer (6/21~7/22): If you would have honest relationship, that means you must open up and share your feelings as well. If that feels too vulnerable, maybe you’re not ready to be in an intimate relationship. How good a relationship can it be if you are always in control?

Leo (7/22~8/23): You like attention, but sometimes even you need some space. If you’re not aware of your own desire for space, she/he may give you some, whether you think you want it or not. If you aren’t with someone now, take the time to really enjoy yourself.

Virgo (8/23~9/23): Idealism is the thing to watch out for. You want everything to be perfect and are acutely aware of the flaws in everything/one, but most of all in yourself. Beat up on yourself if you must, but refrain from taking it out on others.

Libra (9/23~10/23): If you keep on an even keel for the week, the weekend through Tuesday brings some sweet relief. But! Only if you’ve been honest with him/her about how you really feel. Don’t tell them something they want to hear. Speak your truth!

Scorpio (10/23~11/22): The energy is intense, just how you like it. Weekend, you’ve got a golden opportunity to make transformation in your life. But, only if you stay centered and grounded. The pissant will waste this on anger and argument, trying to transform others. The puissant will go deep within and transform self.

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): If you think you know it all, you’ve got another think coming! Things are not clear now. Don’t kid yourself and don’t let yourself be taken in by some damn fool sob story. Pay attention other life-views, but make no commitments now.

Capricorn (12/21~1/20): Time for a major purge! If something no longer is useful, give it away, sell it, or toss it! Disassociate from the people in your life who have worn out their welcome. Clearing away the debris makes room for new things/people to take you to the next level.

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